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Tues 28th October – Crochet for all abilities plus AGM

Our next meeting is on 28th Oct which is during the half term hols. This month we will be doing crochet for all levels, including complete beginners so don’t worry if you’re a total novice like me!! We will have crochet hooks to buy (£1.25) or borrow – or you can bring your own, along with any odd bits of yarn or patterns you’d like to have a go out.

We will also be including a short AGM within our meeting. We LOVE creating these fun and fabulous evenings for you all, but now we need a little help from you. Our key committee members have decided that it’s time to step down due to other commitments etc – each role needs to be filled. All three ladies, President, Treasurer and Secretary are very happy to help their replacements to find their feet in their new roles – you won’t be thrown in at the deep end! We currently have a good set up for meetings, lots of ideas for future events and if we continue our Nearly New Sales, a tried and tested framework for the sales which with a small amount of effort fall into place. Whilst there are a few of us Committee ladies left we will need at least a couple of you to either join the committee and or step into one of these roles.

If you join the committee you won’t suddenly have a huge amount of work to do for our WI – it’s little every now and again generally, also we don’t expect you to make every meeting or every event either, we share the work load and always support each other. We won’t be forcing anyone into anything so please don’t not come to this meeting just to avoid pressure – we only want willing ladies, there will be no arm twisting 😉

2014-10-07 20.39.44

See you there for crochet, chat, a cuppa & of course cake!!

Tues 23rd September – Felting crafts

This month we will be trying out some needle felting. A few of us took a class earlier in the year and made the birds you can see on the website and Facebook. This time we’re going to be making simple but effective Halloween decorations and you will be able to try a couple of the ideas.

PumpkinFelted GhostFelted


As we are really keen to keep our group an active group we will sometimes be asking for small additional donations to put towards supplies, this month we will supply what you need for £2 – but feel free to bring your own supplies if you have them, you’ll need some orange, green, black and white roving wool, enough to create an apple sized pumpkin and or a hand sized white ghost, and or a small black spider or witches hat. You will also need a needle felting needle and a pipe cleaner or 2, any colour. Scissors could also be useful. If you have a largish flat sponge (like a big yellow one) or a piece of thick foam, please bring that, if not bring a towel that you can fold up and work on.

Look forward to seeing you there! Julia & Helen


26th August – Cocktail Making


We are going to split the evening into three different styles, firstly we will be having a go at some molecular cocktail making, then we will be having a go at some classic flavours and finally we will be doing some layering.
If you have any of the following please feel free to bring them along:

Cocktail shaker
Irish whisky
Grand Marnier
Kahlua/Tia Maria

Also if you have anything strange and unusual lurking in the back of your drinks cupboard (I know I do) bring it along and we’ll see what we can do with it!

There will also be some non-alcoholic cocktails being made.

Don’t forget to bring along something nibblish as well, doesn’t matter if it is bought or homemade but just something to help make sure we are not all a bit too tipsy heading home!


Tues 22nd July – Jewellery Making, from 8pm


For our July meeting we will be making different types of jewellery.


We’ll have 3 tables set up, each making a different type of jewellery – wire work earrings, macrame bracelets, and loom bands for some extra fun!

If you have any of the following which you can bring it would be very helpful although we will have some spares to share:

Any beads that could be used in earrings or bracelets

Jewellery making pliers and wire cutters

A bead mat or piece of felt about 30cm square

Loom bands and a loom

Look forward to seeing you there!

Tues 24th June – Sushi Making (from 8pm)

The plan is to create several different types of sushi to eat on the evening or take home, there will be a mix of tuna, salmon, mackerel, smoked salmon and vegetable fillings.

You will need to bring along a chopping board and sharp knife together with something to take your goodies home in.

If you happen to have a sushi rolling mat, please do bring it along with you

It would be very helpful to have an idea of numbers coming along on the evening so that I can make sure there is enough for everyone, if you haven’t already, put your name down on the Seaford Sweethearts Facebook page or click to say you’re going to this event! Hopefully see you there!


Delicious looking nibbles to get you in the mood…. BBC Recipes

(silk scarf painting will now be done as a separate craft evening)


27th May – Upcycling and Paint Techniques

Coming up this month…

We’ll be doing some simple techniques to distress items for that shabby chic look using chalk paint and furniture wax, having a look at crackle glaze and decoupage.

For our next evening we will be looking at upcycling (or is it repurposing….) furniture by having a go at some different paint techniques.

Here’s a list of things to bring along if you can.

  1. A small piece of furniture to practise on, ie small shelves, bedside cabinet, chair etc…has to be solid wood, no MDF, we shall try and pick up a few extra items for people to practice on or we may get people to share items so everyone gets a go.  (I can recommend Furniture Now who have several warehouses around the county and also the St Wilfrids Warehouse on the Cavendish Industrial Estate in Eastbourne for second hand furniture)
  2. Apron or wear old clothes
  3. Mixed bristle paint brushes if you have them or just a good 2″ or 3″ paint brush. 
  4. A hair dryer (to help get things dry if the evening turns out to be a bit damp).

We will need to get a prompt start on the evening. The idea will be in the 2hrs that people will be able to prepare, paint and hopefully wax their item…it will have to be a prompt start to ensure we can get paint dry between coats (10-15mins). 

If you want to you can order chalk paint supplies & accessories from the following websites or ebay…. or