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Merry Christmas to you all!

Oops helps if you remember to actually post things!..

Well we had a lot of fun at our Christmas Eve this week with a manic Beetle Drive and of course lots of yummy nibbles! Thanks everyone who has come along this year and those who have hosted nights too!

Hope you all have a really lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year – will post more about the next meeting after Christmas, don’t forget to bring along your cash/cheque if you haven’t renewed your membership yet, or are joining up to get the maximum benefit for the year!!

December – Christmas Fun!

17th December (3rd Tuesday in December as fourth is Christmas Eve)

Beetle Drive and American Buffet – We’ll be having a fun social night – with wine! Join in our fast paced Beetle Drive, swap tables and win prizes. Plus bring along some delicious food to share and make a night of it! Will post more details asap!



Crafts we made last meeting

Better late than never, here are links to some of the projects we made last week…

3D snowflakes

Felt ornaments

Tealight lanterns

Woven heart basket

Chocolate truffles